Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends


  1. Doing Live Streaming


Doing live gushing is the primary path for getting the Diamond free. The Mobile Legends games have the Live gushing element while you can see the other individuals’ play in a constant. When you watch the live gushing, you can legitimately give the Diamond. Here is the number that you can give:


– Flower: 2 Diamonds


– Jewelry: 6 Diamonds


– Roadster: 250 Diamonds


– Yacht: 1000 Diamonds


– Airplane: 5000 Diamonds


By actuating the Live Streaming element, there is a major probability that you are additionally given the Diamonds reward by the individuals the individuals who like your playing. Visit here to get tips for how to get more watcher when live stream in Mobile Legends.


2. Follow the Tournament



The second path for getting the Diamond free is following the competition. As of now, Moonton as the engineer of the Mobile Legends game has the competition that you and your group squad can pursue. The quantity of the blessing is costly enough, those are:


– Squad Winner: 50.000 Diamonds/part


– second position: 30.000 Diamonds/part


– third and fourth Position: 15.000 Diamonds/part


– fifth to eighth Position: 10.000 Diamonds/part


By following and winning some of competition, you should get the Diamonds Bonus.


3. Through apps earn money



For the third and the last path for getting the free Diamond is Mobile Legends is by utilizing some of applications to gain cash or get free jewels from the application

Mobile Legends Free Diamonds Generator


In the event that you have a great deal of cash, you are consequently can purchase the Diamonds of Mobile Legends by utilizing telephone credit. So folks, those are the 3 different ways to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends game. You are not compelled to utilize that way and it’s alright on the off chance that you have another understanding or another approach to get the Diamonds Bonus. Goodluck!

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